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77 Routines — daily, weekly, monthly, annually. We all have them. Whether you walk your dog in the morning, have a play date every Saturday, or frequent the same restaurant, you have a routine. When our schedule is altered, our whole day can be affected.

 For example, you have gone to the same coffee house, bakery or café for your coffee, ice tea or soft drink every morning as part of your routine. Today, something tastes different, not quite right. You wonder if there is a new employee or maybe they forgot to put on a fresh pot for you. Maybe they changed brands? Or maybe, they just haven’t changed their water filter in the beverage dispenser in over 6 months!

Water is often challenging to filter and can vary due to its source. Seasonal variations can often impart new challenges in a process that has historically run smoothly. This is why 3M has developed an extensive range of filters that deliver exceptional dirt-holding capacity and high flow rates to assure the quality of water used in the production of beverages. 3M filters address the challenges of improving clarity, taste and odor as well as bacterial removal.

75 When you optimize your foodservice equipment with a 3M water filter, you help reduce contaminants that affect the taste, smell, and the overall water quality for water coolers, coffee, tea & vending. You gain brilliant clarity, exceptional taste and extend the life of your equipment — exchanging your water filter on a regular basis will reduce unscheduled service calls associated with corrosion, sediment and scale build-up.

Changing your water filter regularly in your bakery equipment [proofers, boiler, rack ovens] as well will also reduce maintenance and increase energy efficiency by reducing hard scale build up. Your crusty breads, bagels, and other baked goods will look and taste better. Your customers will keep coming back for more! 3M Purification products can be configured to meet the flow rates from small production up to large scale, high capacity production plants. 

76 Successful businesses are created with smart business choices. If you find yourself in need of a water solution for your equipment, or more information, call Horizon Equipment at (800) 394 – 4674 — we are the water filter experts!

Our helpful Sales & Service Team will get you on the right track to a clean and clear way of equipment life!


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