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As the opportunities are endless when it comes to wedding cakes, helping a client create a masterpiece that fits their personality and wedding theme can be overwhelming. From naked cakes to macaron towers and cake tables, we’ve outlined some of the top wedding cake trends for 2016:

naked cake wedding cake trends

Naked Cake

Naked Cakes – Also known as unfrosted cakes, this type of cake allows you to showcase the delicious flavors and colors inside a cake. Naked cakes complement rustic and shabby chic events, which is a trend that’s continuing in 2016.

Watercolor – A trend that has made waves in other industries like body art, paintings and fashion, watercolor is gaining popularity in cakes. Using color gels, fondant, and a little alcohol, such as vodka, cake artists create beautiful, sophisticated pieces of art.

cake table wedding cake trends

Dessert Table

Dessert tables – Who wants to pick one cake for a special occasion when the options are endless? As couples are opting for dessert tables on their special day, this gives you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and create a masterpiece of sweets, which doesn’t have to include only cakes.

Buttercream – It’s never gone out of style, however, 2016 is the year buttercream wedding cakes will make a comeback. Not only does it taste delicious, buttercream can give cakes a more relaxed look, which also complements the popular rustic theme. Buttercream icing also makes beautiful flowers, including authentic looking roses, pansies, peonies and dahlias – all popular flowers in the wedding industry.

macaron wedding cake trends

Macaron Tower

Macaron madness – With the cupcake trend phasing out, couples who are looking for a unique cake experience are looking to macarons, which have been growing in popularity for some time.

Modern creations – Although many weddings include a traditional wedding cake, we’re predicting that 2016 will be the year of modern designs. Cakes made with architectural influences and geometric patterns in metallic and bold, dark colors are just a few twists making wedding cakes more modern.

lace wedding cake trends

Lace Wedding Cake

Lace – Lace has become a popular choice for both wedding gowns and cakes since the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge (a.k.a Will and Kate) got married in 2011.

What wedding cake trends are you excited to try out in 2016? Whether you’re going to try some new ideas or not, working with your client to create an essential part of their special day is the icing on the cake.

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Move over turducken, there’s a new star this holiday season.

What’s your favorite holiday dessert? Cake or pie? Well, thanks to the piecaken – you don’t have to choose. The piecaken is a pie baked within a cake.

The variations are endless. You can make your piecaken single layered or double layered and play around with classic holiday favorites such as pecan and pumpkin pies stuffed into vanilla and chocolate cakes.

Some find the piecaken to be insulting, while others can’t wait to try and recreate its masterpiece.

Whether you’re pro piecaken or not, you can’t help but wonder what it would taste like.

Social media is quite the fan. We checked our Twitter feed to see what people are saying about #piecaken.


Although the Piecaken is becoming quite the hit, Charles Phoenix, showman, author, and ambassador of America might have beat everyone to it with his creation of the CHERPUMPLE – a three-layer cake with pie stuffed in each layer – more than five years ago.

The CHERPUMPLE is an apple pie baked in a spice cake, a pumpkin pie baked in a yellow cake and a cherry pie baked in a white cake. It gets its name from its pies – cherry, pumpkin and apple.

Check out the CHERPUMPLE recipe on his website. You can also catch Phoenix as a judge on Cake Wars: Christmas on the Food Network.

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Did you hear? Earlier this year we were acquired by CareersInFood.com – a job board dedicated to the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Since then, some changes have been happening to TheBakeryNetwork, and we’re pretty excited about it.

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Do you have something you want to see on our site or newsletter? Drop us a line with your suggestions @ info@thebakerynetwork.com.

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